What Happened To My House?

Why is it that when you leave for a weekend or so, and leave the rest of your family at home, you come home to a whirlwind of a mess? Might it be because the family wants you to feel needed and missed? Or maybe it’s just that they’re all (mostly) males and you’ve spoiled them terribly. Whatever the reason, I’m not thrilled with all the clean up that awaited me when I came home from my weekend trip.

I don’t really mind the toys all over the house. Kendyll is welcome to make any mess she wished. Besides, toys don’t bother me. Dirty clothes in the dining room bothers me. Someone’s Callaway irons propped in the corner of the living room bothers me. A half-eaten sandwich on a plate in the bathroom REALLY bothers me.

One son did point out that even if they didn’t get a chance to put things away, load the dishwasher or wipe off the counters, they did mop the floor. Yes, you read that right. My floor was spotless even with 5 days worth of dishes and crumbs piled up on the counters. My guess is that something spilled, requiring the floor mopping so no one stuck to the floor as they walked around the rest of the mess.

I’m sure if Maggie had been home (she was at my mom’s while I was gone) the house would have been tidier. At least I’d hope so. And I do owe Leah a big hug for keeping the guys fed quite well. She’s such a good cook which would explain why she cooks for a living, huh?

I still have some cleaning to do and some clothes to wash but I’m taking my time. I have a feeling it will all be there tomorrow, the next day or whenever I get to it. Unfortunately.

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