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Darren Rowse at ProBlogger.net posted a video tour of his office where he blogs. He asked for others to share their own Blogging Workspaces so I figured I ought to do that. The last time I posted a picture of my office I didn’t have my new computer so this is an update. I guess it still looks basically the same except that now I have 3 desktop computers instead of two. (Click for bigger)


I’ve never really talked about the equipment before so I’ll do that this time. The HP notebook with an Athlon XP-M processor isn’t always there, of course, but if I’m not traveling or blogging from my bedroom, I use it to run a local version of WordPress using xampp. The linux machine is my very old Gateway2000 P133 running Damn Small Linux. I mostly play with that, still trying to learn the ins and outs of linux. The 19″ CRT is hooked to my custom built AthlonXP machine running Windows98se. The 19″ LCD is connected to my newest machine, a Dell C521 with an Athlon™ 64 X2 and 2GB RAM.

What you can’t see from the picture is a fax machine that I don’t use much and an old laptop that my granddaughter, Kendyll, bangs on when she’s in my office. Also out of view is my Sephora box full of spare computer parts and my Victoria’s Secrets box with all my tools. (My sons still haven’t thought to look in there for a screw driver. I’m a genius.)

The desk and short file cabinet is from Ikea; behind the door is a tall cabinet that matches it. I have my Little Friends of Kelly “Marisa” dolls on shelves on the wall. I’m still trying to find a nice way to display my Stratton Compact Collection. The walls and ceiling are blue – brighter than you can see in the picture – to remind me of the sky over Hanalei Bay Beach on Kauai. The orange curtains just appealed to me and I love how they let the sun shine into the room in the morning. Natural lighting is always the best.

There are eight people who live in this house. I share my bedroom with a husband. This room, my office, is the only place that is all mine. It’s my sanctuary in a way.

And that’s it. It isn’t all clean and sleek like so many of the others that are posting at the ProBlogger.net site but it’s just the way I like it.

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5 Responses to Where I Blog

  1. Hoto (2 comments.) says:

    hi there. you use 3 pcs ??? that`s more then i use but i always got a tv running next to my pc.

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  3. doug m (1 comments.) says:

    pretty sweet setup you’ve got. saw this on Darren’s post over at Problogger and wanted to stop in. it’s funny to see how different people have their blogging areas setup.

  4. Marisa (0 comments.) says:

    Thanks, Doug! I really enjoyed Darren’s mashup, too. I’m still drooling over Char’s desk and hutch setup.

  5. Marisa (0 comments.) says:

    Well, actually, there are four running if I have my laptop on.

    A TV would be great in this room. Except then, I might never leave it.

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